Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Intern Tip #1 - Pump that iron

One tip I'd give to any wannabe intern - pump some iron!

 Filled with clothes these heavy buggers are an interns worst nightmare
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Today my interning consisted mainly of unglamorously lifting large laundry bags of vintage clothes from one place to another. Onto a train, off a train, down a flight of stairs, up a flight of stairs... Being a fashion intern you're often given the joyous task of carrying heavy quantities of clothes around and so you definitely need strong arms to survive. Today I was interning for a well known blogger (yes even they have interns now), helping her to select clothes for a photo shoot. I accompanied her to an amazing vintage warehouse, got a quick tour and peep at some of the clothes but then it was on with the camel-like carrying duties. My arms weren't aching too much  as I'm used to lugging things - thanks to my wonderful (yeah right) retail job - but its still more psychical work than most of the fashion world do in a week! Whilst carrying stuff may not that fun or intellectually stimulating its just one of those things that you've got to do, so excuse me while I go pump some metal before bed...

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